Big fish

This is the kitchen of the rented house we were staying in. On Fridays (the day off) we the dwellers of the house would go to the harbour to buy some cheaper fish. Preparing the fish for easy cooking takes place later. A fish of this size would be sufficient for us three or four guys to sustain for about two weeks.

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Check out Beware of the bite that lurks at your doorstep

Check out Beware of the bite that lurks at your doorstep

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සිංහලෙන් බ්ලොග් ලිවීමේ පරීක්ෂණය

මෙය මගේ ප්‍රථම සිංහල බ්ලොග් පෝස්ට් එකයි. මෙය අත්හදා බැලීම සඳහා ලියමි. වර්ඩ්ප්‍රෙස් එකට ස්තුතිවන්ත විය යුතුයි සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් බ්ලොග් ලිවීමට පහසුකම් සැලසීම ගැන. ඉදිරියේදී සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් බ්ලොග් කියවීමට රුචි අයවළුන් සඳහා බ්ලොග් කිහිපයක් ලිවීමට අපේක්ෂා කරමි.


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Clipping and filing favourite stories

Before the Internet came into existence, we used to use a pair of scissors to cut our favourite news or educational articles, sketches, drawings and other stuff from magazines and newspapers. These were filed for reference later.

Now we can do the same thing with many options, even while on the go. Book-marking our favourite pictures, articles, videos or pictures published in web pages is just one way. Yet there is an even more convenient method of keeping notes, selected parts of web pages or entire pages filed for reference with the aid of some free services. An example is Evernote (, which is one of my favourite sites. Evernote has a premium service as well, with more options.

Some newspaper sites allow registered members to ‘clip’ their favourite articles under different headings, for example Health, Technology, Food, Fashion and so on. So while browsing the site, one can select articles of interest and clip them to a category of one’s choice. The Guardian newspaper online edition offers this service for registered members ( This service is completely free!

Another favourite newspaper site of mine is Daily Mail ( which offers to save favourite articles as “My Stories.” This is also a free service.

I have written here about the sites that I have come across. There may be many other sits and services similar to them. These services are great for people hooked on learning new things by surfing the web. Hope you will agree.

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Check out Let’s get digital with local books

Check out Let’s get digital with local books

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Home-made kid’s toys

In our childhood, parents not so wealthy could not buy us toys from a superstore. So kids tweaking with throw-away items made toys of their own. These were sometimes useful for school work too.

One such toy is a vehicle (mostly a bus or a truck) built using the metal cover of a dry battery used in transistor radios or a battery powered torch, two pieces of metal wire – copper or aluminium were preferred as they could be cut and straightened easily – and cardboards.

First the metal cover of the battery was straightened using a hammer and pliers. Then using metal wires and rubber caps used in injection vials, two sets of wheels are fitted to the metal sheet.

Then the cardboard bodywork is prepared. A toy thus made would definitely carry a trademark such as Leyland or Benz. Today’s kids would prefer to make electrically operated toys but those days least expensive of items had to be used. How ingenious the kids were!

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Some hints for social networking

Since the birth of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, on-line culture has undergone a rapid change. However, there appears to be many security threats that users of these networks should be aware of.

Social networking involves sharing of information. Although there is nothing wrong with this, individuals sharing information on-line can be the target of hackers (people trying to steal information of others).

Some tips to remember:

Consider who has access to your information. Most networks allow anyone to browse through profiles of members. So controls have to be set. Check privacy settings and strength of passwords.

When making comments, extra care has to be taken as someone can be offended. One’s relatives, teachers or the boss may be in the same network already.

In Facebook, there are many apps that provide members entertainment by way of games and quizzes. To use these apps, it is necessary to allow them to access information in a user’s account. But it is not really necessary for the apps to have all the information in the account.

This little piece of writing is for the benefit of all those who are using social networking sites.

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