What is e-waste and how to reduce it

The term e-waste is used by environmentalists as well as journalists who write on the subject of disposal of used electronic items. These may include calculators, hand-held devices like mobile phones, palm-tops, laptops, monitors and even CPUs (Central Processing Unit).

By simply following three rules, everybody can contribute to reduce e-waste which could cause harm to the environment as well as humans.

REDUCE: waste by using appliances (ex. computers) longer by upgrading them rather than replacing. Buying products trusted to be durable would also help.

RECYCLE: waste by sending the items which are no longer used for recycling to the manufacturer or companies engaged in recycling business. Donating items to Technical Schools (for example hardware engineering training institutes) may also help.

If recycling is done in an improper way, it is possible that air, water and soil will get polluted by harmful chemical elements used in making circuit boards and other components in electronic equipment.


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