Some hints for social networking

Since the birth of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, on-line culture has undergone a rapid change. However, there appears to be many security threats that users of these networks should be aware of.

Social networking involves sharing of information. Although there is nothing wrong with this, individuals sharing information on-line can be the target of hackers (people trying to steal information of others).

Some tips to remember:

Consider who has access to your information. Most networks allow anyone to browse through profiles of members. So controls have to be set. Check privacy settings and strength of passwords.

When making comments, extra care has to be taken as someone can be offended. One’s relatives, teachers or the boss may be in the same network already.

In Facebook, there are many apps that provide members entertainment by way of games and quizzes. To use these apps, it is necessary to allow them to access information in a user’s account. But it is not really necessary for the apps to have all the information in the account.

This little piece of writing is for the benefit of all those who are using social networking sites.


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