Home-made kid’s toys

In our childhood, parents not so wealthy could not buy us toys from a superstore. So kids tweaking with throw-away items made toys of their own. These were sometimes useful for school work too.

One such toy is a vehicle (mostly a bus or a truck) built using the metal cover of a dry battery used in transistor radios or a battery powered torch, two pieces of metal wire – copper or aluminium were preferred as they could be cut and straightened easily – and cardboards.

First the metal cover of the battery was straightened using a hammer and pliers. Then using metal wires and rubber caps used in injection vials, two sets of wheels are fitted to the metal sheet.

Then the cardboard bodywork is prepared. A toy thus made would definitely carry a trademark such as Leyland or Benz. Today’s kids would prefer to make electrically operated toys but those days least expensive of items had to be used. How ingenious the kids were!


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